It is almost time for a new season of "Vanderpump Rules" and Lala Kent won't be around the entire season. Now she is dishing about leaving the show and also her thoughts on Scheana Marie. Reality Tea shared all about what LaLa Kent had to say while on Brandi Glanville's podcast recently. These two didn't hold back either.

Does Lala Kent leave "Vanderpump Rules"?

Lala Kent shared that she will be there at the start of this season of "Vanderpump Rules," but she willbe leaving before the entire season is over and moving on. Lala even said that she was happy with her decision to do it this way. So far, Lala can't explain why she left.

Scheana Marie is someone that neither one of them like. Lala mentioned that Scheana calls her a "wh**e" and she doesn't understand why considering she was the one sleeping with a married man. Brandi didn't hold back on her thoughts at all, though. She said, "“I was at home pregnant, and she was f***ing my husband on Tuesdays. And for her to say she didn’t know he was married? When you only get one night a week, how do you not know?" Scheana Marie and Brandi Glanville have a pretty big past, and they still don't like each other. Scheana is now married to Mike Shay.

So how are things with Lala and James Kennedy?

Lala Kent shared that she doesn't get along with anyone on the show at all and James is the only person she connected with really.

She says that James doesn't get along with anyone either. You have to remember that James has a new girlfriend, so he isn't dating Lala now, but they are still friends with each other.

Lala also talked about how people who watch the show judge you, but they only get to see one tiny part of you. It isn't fair that they don't know more about you and the person that you are when you aren't on reality television for the world to see.

Lala also mentioned that everyone on the show sleeps with each other's boyfriends, so of course, she doesn't quite get the way that they are still friends somehow. It also sounds like Lala isn't friendly with Lisa Vanderpump anymore now that the show is over. Lala is moving on.

Are you shocked to hear that Lala Kent left "Vanderpump Rules"?

Do you feel like she should come back to the show? Sounds off in the comments section below on your thoughts about Lala Kent leaving, and don't miss "Vanderpump Rules" when it returns on November 7 to Bravo.

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