Lady Gaga, the woman of a thousand faces, is looking a lot less "Paparazzi" and a lot more Amy Winehouse in her new album "Joanne." In her Bud Light Dive Bar Tour, Gaga rocked wow-worthy weight loss. In 2013 "Born This Way" Gaga shed 30 pounds and then put them back on and more in 2014. But in "American Horror Story: Hotel" as a vampy starletand "Roanoke" Germanotta appeared as a sexy Woods Witch ghost and was a wraith-like shadow of her former self. In all Lady Gaga's over-the-top kinky, this pre-Raphaelite virgin might be the more erotic.

"Joanne" coming out, or coming home

"Joanne" is one of Lady Gaga's Christian names--Stephani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (imagine the nuns at Convent of the Sacred Heart rattling that moniker off!) The singer says this album is part of her coming out, or rather returning to her roots.

Through all the lavish, bizarre personas, most famously probably being the meat dress, this one is her real "Born This Way" story. But it's more than just a name change with the "Until You Love Me" artist. Lady Gaga has almost completely revamped her body. It's not sure how much weight she's shed but she is definitely more defined all over--face, arms, legs, butt, stomach. As a dancer, she's always had to have solid sturdy thighs and buttocks, but she's a lot thinner now. Gone is the pudgy "Paparazzi" midriff and double chin.

Gaga channeling Amy Winehouse in 'AHS'?

Does anyone else notice how much Joanne resembles the deceased Amy Winehouse?Gaga does and has purposely exploited the similarity.

She posted a birthday tribute of a selfie made up like Amy. Winehouse struggled with addiction and expressed that in her best-known song "Rehab." She got scary skinny before her death in 2011. Creepily, Lady Gaga played the frail ghost of a witch in the Roanoke series from "American Horror Story." She was unrecognizable to her former self.

Her haunting backstory was of a Druid priestess put to death for practicing her ancient art. So how did Gaga lose weight? For as bombastic as she is in public, she's quite private. If recent Instagram photos are anything to go by, her weight loss is down to healthy eating and fruit and vegetable-forward meals.

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