It's official: Kristen Stewart (26) and St. Vincent (34) are dating. The couple are no longer hiding their love as they were publicly very much in love andholding hands,leaving a restaurant. The actress and the singer were seen together several times but lacked official confirmation of romance. Photos taken in East Village, New York, where they are seen very loving between them, prove that they are living a romance. Thanks to these photos, we can confirm that the "Twilight" star ended her relationship with Alicia Cargile.


St. Vincent separated from supermodel Cara Delevigne last month. It is assumed that the breakup was because they could not overcome the issue of distance and the little time they devoted to the couple because of their work. It is rumored that the "Cafe Society" star ended her relationship with Cargile because she didn't accept that Stewart had to returnto work with Robert Pattinson in a new "Twilight" movie. The actress didn't like her attitude and they separated.

They admire each other

Kristen and St.

Vincent are not only very much in love, but they alsoadmireeach other.The actress thinks the singer is a great artist, and St. Vincent thinks she is a talented actress with a great future ahead. They will motivate each other to achieve their career goals. St. Vincent is eight years older than Kristen, she surely finds emotional support in the singer. Hollywood is a very competitive industry and a strong personality is needed to handle the pressure.

Although Kristen's friends see her happy in her new relationship, they do not trust it to last long because the actress is very unstableemotionally. Earlier this year she was separated from Cargile and soon began dating Soko, a French singer. The relationship didn't last long and she returned with Cargile. The "Personal Shopper" star was happier than ever, after coming out abouther bisexuality and thought of marrying her girlfriend.

Suddenly she is very in love with another woman (St. Vincent) but nobody knows for how long.

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