Kristen Stewart (26) and the singer St. Vincent (34)are dating.The actress, however, is not officially separated from Alicia Cargile, who had planned to marry. Instead St Vincent is definitely saparated from supermodel Cara Delevigne (24). The actress and the singer have been seen together on several ocassions, both in Los Angeles and Paris. Meanwhile, Delevigne was seen sad and scruffy through the streets of New York. The breakup devastated the supermodel, who believed that St. Vincent was the love of her life.

Who is St. Vincent?

We all know Kristen Stewart, the "Twilight" star, and Cara Delevigne, the British supermodel, but many people do not know St.

Vincent, real name Anne Clark, who is a talented singer-songwriter and LGBT activist. She and Cara have been together for more than a year, but could not overcome the issue of distance because both travel a lot due to their work. They endedtheir relationship on good terms but the singer found a new girlfriend very fast and it was very sad for the supermodel.

Three is a crowd

The "Cafe Society" star has been dating Alicia Cargile for three years, thought of marrying, but surprisingly the actress is living a romance with St. Vincent. The split between Stewart and Cargile is not official, and the reasons for separation are unknown. Two months ago, the actress publicly declared her love for Cargile and how happy she was in that relationship.

Stewart will return to work with Robert Pattinson in a new "Twilight" movie, and maybe that was thereasonfor her break with Cargile.

It is rumored that St. Vincent was unfaithful to Cara Delevigne because she started seeing the actress before her breakup with the supermodel. None of the women involved have made statements to the press and the best thing they can do is wait for time to pass and tempers to calm down.

We must remember that Kristen Stewart hated the media but one day dared to publicly confessher bisexuality. The star was relieved because she was not doing anything wrong and had nothing to hide.

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