Kim Richards is dealing with tons of legal drama due to her aggressive pit bull, Kingsley, and his many attacks on several different people. In the latest report, shared by Radar Online on October 18, Richards' manager, Michael London, is said to be fighting back after the dog's latest victim, Richards' former stylist, Paige Elisabeth Sanderson, filed a lawsuit against him and Richards' sister, Kyle, and accused them of delaying her medical care.

According to the report, Sanderson named London and the Richards sisters, as well as Kim Richards' son, Chad Davis, and at least one of Kyle Richards' daughters, in her lawsuit, which London now wants dropped.

In her suit, Sanderson accused the family of dragging their feet on getting her medical attention out of fear that they would face media backlash from the attack.

Kim Richards' dog reportedly attacked her stylist in April

Months ago, Kyle Richards reportedly invited Sanderson to the home Kim Richards was living in to style her for a promotional shoot for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and while at the home, Sanderson claimed to have beenattacked by the dog, who bit her in her lower abdomen and in her groin area.

The attack, Sanderson alleged, came after Richards assured her that the dog was not dangerous.

As Sanderson bled "profusely," she reportedly beggedfor Richardsto call 911, but the reality star refused, claiming it wouldn't be good for her reputation. She then reportedly informed her stylist that she would only call for help if Sanderson would tell authorities that the attack was from a stray dog, not her own pit bull.After refusing to call for an ambulance, Kim Richards reportedly phoned London, who drove Sanderson to a nearby hospital.

She then promised to pay Sanderson's medical bills if she agreed to go with her phony story.At the hospital, Sanderon recalled, London allegedly filled out her medical forms and included the fake account. He is even believed to have lied to the hospital staff about what happened.

London wants the suit thrown out

In Sanderson's suit, she is requesting damages for assault and battery as well asemotional distress.

Meanwhile, London tells a different story and in his court documents, he claimed he was only trying to help Sanderson in the moments after she was attacked. According to his papers, he cannot be held accountable for Sanderson's injuries as he wasn't even present when the attack took place.

Londonis demanding the entire lawsuit be thrown out and the woman not be awarded a dime.

For more of Kim Richards, tune into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season seven, which has been filming for the past few months and is expected to air on Bravo later this year. As for her role on the show, Richards does not appear to have been cast in a full-time position.

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