Kim Kardashian will dramatically change her activity on social media after the robbery suffered in Paris. Many security experts say that the reality star was the target chosen by criminals because of her extreme exposureon social networks. The socialite knows it and will take new security measures so that in the future she will not relive the same nightmare. Not only her, but all the Kardashian-Jenner family will change their activity on social networks from now on.

Kim feels guilty

The reality star lost 11 millions dollars in jewels, including a diamond engagement ring valued at 4 million.

The celebrity regrets having showcased and flaunted her jewelry all across social media because she believes that attracted the attention of criminals. That's why now she will completely change her activity on social media. The first step will be that Kimwill not say where she is,or where she will go.Nor will she say on social networkswhat she will be doing next.The most important measure is that the socialitewill stop displaying valuables.

Kim has not had any activity on social networks since October 3rd, the day of the robbery, so there is a great expectation for her return to public life.

The reality star is traumatized and is terrified of going outside, as she also canceled an event in Dubai because she is not in good spirits. What happened to Kim serves as a warning for her and for all Celebrities to be more cautious in handing their public lives because there are criminals who use the information that they give.

The story behind engagement ring

Kim revealed the story behind the engagement ring stolen in Paris during an interview that she gave to TV presenter Andy Cohen in New York City.

Kanye West, her husband and soulmate, bought the ring for her after he closed a fabulous dealwith Adidas (according to Forbes the deal is estimated to be worth billions). He told her that Adidas has somethig for her and she thought of shoes but when she saw it was a beautiful engagement ring, she was very excited.

The sentimental value of the stolen jewels is what she regrets most.

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