Kim Kardashian is growing suspicious about her bodyguard team, while some people started to think that the Paris robbery could be just a plot. The way the criminals got in the building, and took her and her security team by surprise, is raising concerns that someone in Kim's circle somehow helped them to succed.

Moreover, the website Hollywood Life is reporting that Pascal Duvier, one of Kim's bodyguards, is "millions of dollars" in debt, and this may have been motivation for his eventual participation in the Crime.

Duvier was on his protection role of Kim's sisters Kourtney and Kendall, leaving Kim alone, exactly at the same hour the crime happened. The criminals took with them $11 million worth in jewelry.

Could this be a staged plot?

The internet is quick to come up with conspiracy theories, and the case around this armed robbery started to flare. In social media, some people started to doubt the whole story, pointing that all could just be a staged plot to get Kardashian some attention in the media. But the press is also raising questions.

The New York Post did this, in an article, published last Tuesday (the 4th).

The newspaper noted that she was alone in a "super-secret, no address" building, where celebrities usually stay, but that did not stop the armed men from showing up. Of course, this could be related to a possible role of one of Kardashian's bodyguards, as mentioned above. However, the Post also added some inconsistencies, like the indefinition about the language spoken by the criminals -- English or French -- or the number dialed by Kim to get support, as the US 911 does not apply in France, where 112 is rather used.

The Post added that the robbery report states that the criminals fled from the place on bicycles, and that Kim freed herself after a few minutes.

Fox News also raises questions

Meanwhile, Fox News reported that there are no surveillance video images of the moments before or after the incident. The news station cites a private investigator, Patricia D’Orsa-Dijamco, who found this odd in a celebrity facility reputed as ultra safe.

What do you think? Did the bodyguards have something to do with the robbery, or is this just an off-screen episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"?

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