Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint, tied up and locked inside a bathroom while staying in her Paris accommodations over the weekend. Kim was in the city for Paris Fashion Week. Reports have her "badly shaken" but thankfully the brazen robbers left her "physically unharmed."

Men dressed as police officers

According to the New York Daily News,five armed men dressed as police officers were let into her room after handcuffing the concierge and forcing him to lead the way to where Kim Kardashian was sleeping in the early morning hours.

The robbers tossed her room, apparently looking for valuables and valuables were what they helped themselves to.

Fortune in stolen jewels

According to Fox and FriendsLive on Monday morning the armed men got away with an estimated $10 million in jewelry. This include $6.7 million worth of jewelry that was inside a jewelry box they took and a ring of Kim's worth an estimated $4.4 million. The armed suspects showed up at this private residence where Kim was staying at about 3 a.m.

Kanye West stops concert rushes to Paris

Kanye West was headlining a concert in Queens, New York, when one of his assistants made his way on the stage and said something to Kanye. The rapper, who sounded shaken up, took to the mic and said he had to stop the concert due to afamily emergency. At the time no one knew what that emergency was, but the crowd broke out in disappointing sighs and some disparaging words as Kanye left the stage.

Reports have him immediately flying to Paris to be by his wife's side. Kim and Kayne'stwo children were not with Kim at the time, reports indicate. The five suspects who robbed and roughed up Kim are still at large. The men fled the robbery with the loot on bikes.

Kim target of attempted butt kiss earlier in week

A few days before this incident when Kim was outside one of the Paris Fashion Weekvenues, she was approached by a man who is well known for stalking celebrities.

Vitalii Sediuk was caught on video attempting to kiss the famous butt of Kim Kardashian. That was a short-lived attempt as Kardashian's body guard tackled the guy to the ground. He was arrested and shuffled off by Paris police.

Fox and Friends report that while the jewelry might be of some sentimental value to Kim, which can never be replaced, the monetary value of her bobbles are insured. It is not known if Kim has decided to cut her time short in Paris and head home or if she is staying on to continue with the fashion venues in Paris.

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