"AP" broke the news that Kim Kardashian was robbed in her hotel room at gunpoint by masked gunmen who were dressed as Police officers. This is the second time that Kim has hit the headlines on her Paris visit. Last week reporters captured images and video of a man whogot past her security guards to get a bite of her 'booty' in the street before being taken down. The response to the latest headline about being robbed - possibly of expensive jewelery, has been underwhelming and bit muted on Twitter.

Kanye rushed away on hearing the news

Kanye West, who arrived late for his concert atThe Meadows in New York City, left suddenly after he was informed of the robbery.

Fans were disappointed as he rushed off stage to attend to a "family emergency" according to The Daily Mail. While there are rumors and prayers for Kanye, there does not seem to be much sympathy for Kim and someTweetersare just plain skeptical, tweeting that she is so attention seeking she probably made the story up. The fact that just an hour before Kanye got the newsthatshe was traumatized by the masked gunmen Kim Kardashian had posted up a video of herself FaceTiming with Blac Chyna on Snapchat, maybe caused the "yeah right" reaction.

Where was her security?

Some Tweeters of course are saying that she really should be firing her Security staff and others are wondering who in their right mind keeps millions of dollars worth of jewelery in the their hotel room?

Others are just simply don't believe it happened and liken it to a another Ryan Lochte stunt.

Naturally, there is some concern for Kim, and especially for the children, as they were not mentioned in any spokesperson'sannouncement.

The underwhelmed and cynical types are not even batting an eyelid over the incident. Let's examine what they have been saying:

Another example of the skepticism that was tweeted'

Does the 'wolf cry too much?'

Drama and celebrity Kim Kardashian go hand in hand, and of course she is bound to get a lot of press coverage from the incident.

It is simply terrible to be at the wrong end of an armed robbery, and she is reported to be very shaken which is understandable, but drama piles on drama, attention incidents on top of more attention and eventually the people start think that the wolf is crying too much. Nevertheless, it is not a nice thing to happen to anyone and there are many who are praying that Kim, Kanye and the rest of the family are safe and well.

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