Kim Kardashian fans found out just what seems to motivate her out of a slump. That would appear to be some good old-fashioned vindictiveness! After Kim was robbed in that Paris apartment last month she took a hiatus from posting on her social media sites and her fans missed hearing her insights on the things going on around her.

Never-ending feud?

According to The Inquisitr, fans of Kardashian happened to catch what appeared to be Kim swiping at Taylor Swift online. She did this by liking a tweet that suggested Taylor's former boyfriend was "throwing some serious shade" at Taylor in his latest music video.


It seems that Kim's still got a taste for feuding with Swift after all this time. This didn't get by a lot of folks, who took to social media themselves to report on this with tweets like the one below.

Folks thought that it was awfully strange Kim would choose to break her social media silence just to jab Taylor Swift.


What's up with that? This pre-occupation with Taylor Swift on both Kim and West's part is almost eerie. This is a couple who have all the good things in life anyone could ever ask for. They have two beautiful and healthy kids, enough money to wallpaper the entire City of New York and an extended family that provides them with unconditional love. So what is it that they are gaining from slamming Taylor Swift through the years?

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Kim Kardashian

Was this 'petty' on Kim's part?

The word "petty" was used in a few tweets describing what folks thought about Kim hopping back on social media to bash Taylor Swift. The fact that she is 36-years-old and is the mother of two kids was also brought up in the context that it is time for Kim to "grow up."

Since October 2 she has been inactive on her social media sites, except when she popped her head in to unfollow 13 people back on October 12. Kim's feud with Swift is basically inherited as she's sided with her rapper husband, Kanye West, in his rather disturbing fixation on Taylor.


Much too long                                                                                      

It started at an awards ceremony a few years back when Swift won an award and West took the mic from her, bashing the fact another entertainer didn't win. In West's opinion Swift didn't deserve it and another singer deserved it more. That infamous stealing of Taylor's thunder was one of the dirtier dealings to ever come out of one of these events.


Nasty stuff

Swift forgave West, who then used her name and image in his music video "Famous." In this video West claimed to make Swift famous, called her a disparaging name and suggested he might still sleep with her one day. When Taylor saw what West had done she was not happy.

West was falling more and more out of grace with the public for his constant picking on Swift. Then Kim posted the audio of a phone call online that was between West and Swift when West supposedly got Taylor's blessing before he put her in the "Famous" music video. The audio did nothing to back up West's claims because what was heard in that call wasn't describing anything he actually did in that video.


Fixation on Swift gone too far?

Kim and West's bizarre fixation on Swift has baffled the masses. She's done nothing to put the West couple in a bad light and it was West who started this entire feud. What happened late at night on October 28 for Kim to come out of social media silence and like a tweet about Taylor's ex seemingly slamming her in a video? What is this woman thinking?

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