A Kim Kardashian-inspired Halloween costume called "Parisian Heist Robbery" has caused outrage online. The costume is modeled after Kim's recent ordeal in Paris where she was robbed at gun point, Bound and gagged.

Kim's still shaken

Khloe Kardashian reports that her sister is still not doing so well after that ordeal, as it was extremely traumatizing for the most famous of the Kardashian sisters. Khloe appeared on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" recently and she is concerned about her sister who has kept a low-profile since the incident.

Sure, the Kardashian women put themselves out there for the public to watch them in all aspects of their daily lives and they do this through several reality show venues.

Because they open up their private lives to the public, they've left themselves wide open for all the scrutiny that has come their way through the years.

Poking fun has its limits

Making fun of what they are wearing, something they've said or even their choice in men is one thing, as it is like they ask for it with all they show to their viewers. But Kim was traumatized over this robbery and she is still someone with feelings. She is a sister, a mom, a daughter and a wife who was held up at gun point.

Making fun of the cruel crime she was a victim of feels like that has gone too far. The Kim KardashianHalloween costume is doing just that, enticing a laugh over something so evil that happened to Kim.

While the costume makers don't call it the Kim Kardashian costume, there's no doubt about the costume being modeled around Kim and her ordeal. The costume is going for $69.99 online today.

Cruel Halloween costume

According to Fox News, this Halloween costume comes with a black wig, a fake $4 million dollar diamond ring, a white robe, sunglasses, a fake gag for your mouth and robe to bound yourself in.

The costume designer's write-up doesn't mention Kim's name but they suggest you can dress like "America's goddess of all things glamorous." They go on to suggest you dress like the "Parisian Heist Robbery Victim" in their Halloween costume this year.

Kim hasn't been on any of her social media sites since becoming the victim of that robbery.

Many people believe it was Kim's tendency to flash all her jewels and riches all over social media that set her up as a target for this robbery.

Kim's still healing

According to E News, Khloe spoke with Ellen saying that Kim has a lot of support from her family, but she's still shaken up over the ordeal. It didn't take long after Kim's ordeal hit headline news before someone tried to make some money on Kim's misfortune.

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