Kim Kardashian came out of hiding temporarily on Monday night when she was spotted getting an ice cream with a friend. It's the first time since the Paris robbery that the famous reality star has surfaced. She flaunted a far less glamorous look than usual. She's known for showing off her body and immense wealth, but there was no sign of that when she was spotted out and about in LA last night.

Kim Kardashian dons oversized clothing

Kardashian was seen wearing an oversized white hoodie and shoes that resembled slippers more than heels.

She also had no makeup, a radical departure from her normal pattern. TMZ reports that the star went out for dessert with her BFF, Jonathan Cheban. She was photographed holding a cone with double-scooped ice cream. This is the first time she's been seen with her face exposed since she returned home.

Kim Kardashian did have on a little lip gloss, but spared the full makeup look.

For her, the look was downright bleak juxtaposed to the over-the-top styles she's known for.

Following the robbery, Kim vowed to stay out of the spotlight. There were rumors that her priorities had changed and that she re-evaluated what's important to her. It's unclear if this debut is a sign of things to come for Kardashian or not. Is she testing the waters to see if she's ready to make a gradual return where she'll be in the public's glaring eye again?

Some may argue she's doing this for attention since she wanted to take a break from filming "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and public life until further notice.

For a woman so accustomed to being the center of attention, the last few weeks for Kim must have been strange to exist in privacy. How is she really coping behind closed doors?

Will reality star be seen again soon?

There were reports out that Kim released a new line of Kimojis related to the Paris robbery, but those rumors were debunked.

Kardashian hasn't returned to social media whatsoever. Even if she did, how convincing would her robbery come off if she actually approved a line of emojis that consisted of a stolen diamond ring or one of her tied up with a crying face? It's safe to say it would seem the whole criminal act would look fake.

Will Kim Kardashian go back to being a recluse or is she getting warmed up to make a new entrance?

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