Kim Kardashian may have a body double as a weapon against further threats. A slick new plan is being advised by the reality star's security team after the Paris robbery on Monday night. The incident shook Kim and her whole family enough to make modifications where safety is concerned.

Kim Kardashian decoy

Several plans are being considered for Kardashian's protection. According to Page Six, a source says beefed up security measures are being implemented. Right now Kim doesn't know who to trust. The security team is highly recommending that the famous star employ a doppelganger.

That might be a hard find, but her protection feels its necessary to help throw off potential thieves and other would-be threats.Kim and Kanye's two children -- North and Saint -- are also getting their own security teams. One of Kim Kardashian's biggest fears is her children being kidnapped, the insider revealed.

Trust is a huge problem for Kim right now. She's not sure who in her inner circle is on the up and up. An internal investigation is going on right now with security making calls and interviewing those close to the family who may have possible communicated with someone linked to Kardashian's robbery.

One woman thought to make an ideal doppelganger for Kim is Sonia Ali (photo seen below).

She's a dead ringer for the "KUWTK" star. Life & Style reports that the British makeup artist could easily pass as Kim's twin sister.

The resemblance is uncanny. It's easy to see how Ali could be mistaken for Kim.

"Keeing Up with the Kardashians" being cancelled?

There were rumors that "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" was going to be cancelled, but the show is on temporary hiatus following the robbery. According to insiders, Kim just wants to be home in LA and stay out of the spotlight for a while. The robbery shook her up terribly and she allegedly doesn't want to flaunt her wealth as much as she did before the harrowing event.

Now she's desperate to change anything that might attract more criminals.

Do you think a Kim Kardashian body double will make the star safer?

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