Khloe Kardashian is using what First Lady Michelle Obama said in her Democratic National Convention speech. Mrs. Obama said, "When they go low, you go high." That's exactly what Khloe is doing in reference to Donald Trump's alleged remarks about her when she was a contestant on Season 8 of "Celebrity Apprentice" in 2009. When Trump reportedly fired Khloe from the reality show, it wasn't because she didn't perform well. It was because he didn't like her because of the way she looked.

Trump's alleged remarks

It was claimed that the 70-year-old Republican nominee for president wanted to get rid of Khloe because he wanted "the hot one" instead. This was in reference to Khloe's older sister, Kim Kardashian West, who did go on "The Apprentice" in Season 10 in 2010. She was also fired, but not for the same reasons Khloe was fired. Trump allegedly called Khloe "ugly" and a "fat piglet."

Khloe takes the high road

Several staffers from "The Apprentice" confirmed that Trump did say those negative things about Khloe.

After reading that Trump fired her because of how she looks, the 32-year-old says she is shaking off the negativity. "The Keeping Up with the Kardashians" reality star told the Los Angeles Times on Monday, October 17 that Trump might have said those derogatory things about her because he says negative things about a lot of women. She concluded that it is really cruel for someone to judge others by the way they look.

Therefore, she doesn't want someone like that running her country.

Khloe, who is supporting the Democraticnominee Hillary Clinton, is convinced that whether Trump wins or loses the election, she is not going to let his alleged fat-shaming remarks get to her. She calls herself a "tough cookie" who is not going to be bothered by what she has heard. She knows in her heart that she is not a "fat piglet" no matter what the Republican candidate for president called her.

She also knows who she is, and she can live her life without focusing on what Trump called her.

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