So Khloe Kardashianis a "fat piglet" says porky Donald Trump. The GOP presidential hopeful also expressed regret that they didn't get the "hot one" (presumably Kim Kardashian) on "Celebrity Apprentice" instead of Khloe. But don't worry, the "Keeping up with the Kardashians" star took Trump's comments as hogwash. She refused to dignify such classless comments but warned America: Caveat Emptor. Beware of electing persons capable of such nastiness. In light of Trump's "p--sy grab" comments and accusations of groping, Khloe's advice is giving voters pause to think.

Pot calls the kettle "fat"

Actually, given the GOP frontman's borderline obesity, him calling Khloe Kardashian a piglet is the stock pot calling the demitasse fat! She's got her own fitness show "Revenge Body." And the crack about her not being the "hot" one is hilarious given all the sisters are notoriously attractive and strikingly alike. So if she's not the prettiest, who is? Kendall Jenner or her barely legal sister Kylie Jenner? Most women would say if the KUWTK star is the less attractive, they want ugly like that.

And isn't Trump a little old to be talking like this about girls young enough to be his grand-daughters?

Trump's history of predatory, objectifying cruelty to women

Kardashian says Hillary Clinton has her vote and should have everyone else's in light of Trump's "cruel" disparaging of women. Are folks exaggerating Trump's comments? He has been quoted as suggesting that women will let men do anything to them if the credentials are right.

Son Donald Trump Jr.facetiously advised women that if they didn't like sexual harassment in the workplace they should quit or teach kindergarten. Melania Trump agrees that people should quit picking on her husband 'cause boys will be boys.

Litmus test

Is it just shop talk or is the Republican nominee exhibiting behavior unbecoming of a U.S. president? Look at outgoing President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for comparison.

Have they ever been quoted saying anything like the things Trump has said? Do they behave with decorum or with bombastic, vicious rants? Is Khloe correct, that Trump is an embarrassment to the good name of America?

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