Khloe Kardashian (32) strongly defends interracial love. A fan told her that she has an interracial relationship and many people disapprove of her choice. The reality star understood her perfectly because she lived in similar situations, she always had African- American boyfriends (and an ex-husband). She continues falling in love with who she wants and hasnever cared about the opinions of others. Khloe is currently dating Tristan Thompson, a Cleveland Cavaliers player, and it seems the romance is getting serious.


Khloe and Tristan have been together for two months and the couple seems to be increasingly stable. They really enjoy being at home and watching movies. Since Khloe is with Tristan, she looks amazing: she dropped a lot of weight and works out every single day. It is rumored that NBA superstar LeBron James(31)regrets that the reality star is dating Thompson and nothim. Khloe is officially divorced from Lamar Odom (36) and betting everything on this new relationship with Tristan.

Family inheritance

Khloe is not the only fan of interracial love in her family: her mother Kris Jenner (61), her sisters Kim Kardashian (36) Kylie Jenner (19) and her brother Rob Kardashian (29) are very happy with their interracial couples. The momager is dating Corey Gamble (37), a man 24 years younger than her. Kim is marriedto Kanye West (39) and they have two children. Kylie Jenner is dating Tyga (26), the rapper was engaged to Blac Chyna (28), the current partner of Rob Kardashian.

Chyna and Rob are expecting their first child.

The Kardashian family reflects the ethnic diversity of American society and perhaps why their reality show is so successful, among others reasons. "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" shows the intimacy of a family -- and the public really cares about their stories. Something funny is happening with the new generations: many young people dream of having their own reality show and notbecoming an actor and starring in a movie.

It would seem that people like the Kardashians may be to thank for that.

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