Before the second Presidential Debate on Sunday, October 9, 2016, not many people knew Ken Bone outside of his hometown. Now Ken Bone is a household name after asking a question about energy to the two presidential candidates, RepublicanDonald Trump and Democratic Hillary Clinton. By the time Bone got to his car after the townhall-style debate, he had thousands of friend requests on Facebook and hundreds of Twitter fans. Now he's capitalizing on his newfound red-sweater fame.

Ken Bone captured American's attention

KenBone was one of forty undecided votersselected by the GallupOrganization to attend the debate and perhaps ask a question. It was by chance that the Illinois native got to ask his question because moderators Anderson Cooper of CNN and Martha Raddatz of ABC had screened the questions. The 34-year-old's question was the next to the last question asked. When he stood up, America noticed. Even though the question was an important one, it wasn't what the nation has been talking about all week.

Red sweater

The red sweaterwas not theundecidedvoter's first fashion choice. Before his father died, he had helped his son pick out an olive green suit. When Ken was getting into his car, his pants split and he had to immediately find something else to wear. If he had not had a wardrobe malfunction, he probably would have gone unnoticed. Since the debate, the red Izodsweater has sold out. His outfit, mustache, and microphone have been made into a Halloween costume.

So expect to see some Ken Bone's walking your streets on October 31.

Ken Bone's deals

On Monday night, Bone shared his story on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" By Wednesday, Ken has launched a t-shirt line and an endorsement with Uber. When fans go to #bonezone, they will see fitted t-shirts on sale for $19.99 and pullover sweatshirts for $34.99. In just one day, Bone's campaign had sold over 2,100 items.

Uber partnered with Ken for a short-term endorsement to launch UberSelect new service in St. Louis where the debate was held.

Third Presidential Debate

ABC announced on Thursday that Bone will appear as a special guest correspondentfor "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" followingthe third Presidential Debate on Wednesday, October 19. He will report from Las Vegas and give highlightsof the last debate. It will be interesting to see if he will wear his red signature sweater or something else. By the way, Ken says he is still undecided about who will get his vote on November 8.

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