There still has been no formal announcement regarding who will be Kelly Ripa's co-host in the wake of Michael Strahan's controversial departure last summer, but Fox News star Megyn Kelly will be stepping into that seat soon in a move that is generating a lot of buzz.

When will Megyn be sitting next to Kelly on 'Live!'?

Megyn Kelly will be guesting as Kelly Ripa's co-host during the November 9 episode of “Live!,” the show that will air the morning after the 2016 presidential election. This is quite the date for Megyn to sign on for the guesting stint, and it certainly has many buzzing that this could be the next step that Megyn is taking to test the waters beyond Fox News.

Deadline notes that this announcement about Megyn signing on as Ripa's co-host for a day came at about the same time that Fox News interim CEO Rupert Murdoch talked in an interview about how key Megyn is to Fox News. It's time for her to sign a new contract with the network, and as the Washington Post indicates, it is believed that she is angling to go from about $15 million a year in earnings to the $20 million range.

Will Megyn stay with Fox News?

Despite some drama with folks like Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich during this election cycle, not to mention the challenges she's had with Republican candidate Donald Trump himself, there is little doubt that Fox will be doing just about anything they can to keep Megyn on the network.

However, this election cycle has raised her profile significantly and there are certainly other shows and networks that would love to scoop her up for themselves.

As for Ripa's co-host spot, the show has given no timeline about when they plan to formally pick Kelly's next partner for “Live!” She has had rotating guest hosts for months now, and while the buzz is that she has a short list of favorite options, the speculation about who will ultimately become a permanent figure on the show continues.

Megyn Kelly's stint on “Live!” will be her first time acting as Kelly Ripa's co-host, and while there isn't really any talk that this could become an ongoing thing, it could make for an interesting post-election day combination. Will you be tuning in to “Live!” on November 9 to check this one out? Who do you think should become the next permanent co-host on the show?

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