Fans are really missing the show "Southern Charm," but it is now confirmed that it will be back again with season four. At this time, they are filming this upcoming season, and now Kathryn Dennis is confirming that the new season will be without her. That is right, you won't get to see the Kathryn and Thomas drama. All About the Tea shared the details about what is going down.

Is it true Kathryn Dennis won't be on next season?

The rumors have been flying for a bit, and it can now be confirmed that Kathryn Dennis will not be coming back next season on "Southern Charm." She actually shared the news on her Twitter account saying that she wanted to show the viewers how she has changed, but that Bravo wasn't interested in letting her do the same thing.

Kathryn was sweet enough to thank her fans. It was also confirmed that her friend Cooper Ray won't be back on the show next season either. Kathryn did say that there aren't any hard feelings.

What will fans miss by not seeing her?

For one thing, Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel together means drama for sure. That drama won't be around this season. Kathryn spent some time in rehab this summer, and Thomas even got custody of their two children. Fans were hoping that some of this would be talked about on the upcoming season, but that is not going to end up happening now.

Thomas may still mention some of it, but you will only be getting his side of it and not her side. You know Kathryn will rush to social networks to talk about what he has to say, though. Kathryn says she will be focusing on her kids.

Everyone knows that "Southern Charm" without Kathryn Dennis is going to be different. They may have to find a few new people to bring in that can add to the drama on the show if they want to keep the ratings up this season.

Are you shocked to hear that Kathryn Denninwon't be back on "Southern Charm" next season? Do you feel like the show can go on without her drama? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "Southern Charm" when it returns to Bravo for season four. It has not been confirmed when the new season wills tart yet.

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