Does Kate Gosselin realize that all this publicity she so desperately seeks has to be doing a number on her kids who are now teenagers and moving into their teen years? The latest news is that Kate has accused her ex-husband Jon ofhaving an "inappropriate relationship" with their 12-year-old daughter Hannah.

Serious allegations

According to In Touch, Kate went to the police with this information and she also accused her ex of dealing drugs.

Why does Hannah have to be named in these allegations, as it certainly isn't the police releasing the child's name? How these allegations leaked out today is unknown, but last yearKate told police that she witnessed some "suspicious" behavior between her ex, who is the father of this brood, and their then 10-year-old daughter Hannah.

Apparently Jon was the last one to find out about these accusations and needless to say he was really upset that Kate would do this.

Kate also reported to the police that Jon "kidnapped" Hannah from school one day. Jon has been an advocate for his kids to have a regular childhood without all the cameras around for the "Kate Plus 8" reality show, which is coming back for another season.

Collin put away in facility

It was just a few months ago that Kate took to the media to report that she admitted her son Collin for treatment at a facility and it was weeks after that when it was revealed the 12-year-old boy had anger issues.

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Reality TV

Both Hannah and Collin are part of the famous Gosselin sextuplets who are now 12. Kate and Jon also have twin girls who are 15-years-old. It was the birth of the sextuplets that landed them the reality show "Jon and Kate plus 8." This is what started Kate and her family on the road to fame, but then they divorced. Kate didn't skip a beat after learning howeasy it was to erase Jon's name and go on with the show as "Kate Plus 8."

Cops told her to take it up in court

According to Mail Online, reports indicate that in a three-day period Kate called the cops about problems with Jon five times. The report also indicates that the cops told her repeatedly that they couldn't help her and that her problem was a civil matter.

Jon accused of drug dealing

She accused Jon of using his DJ gig as a front for selling drugs and she also accused him of drinking alcohol around their kids, but it didn't reveal any problem behavior from his drinking. The police told Kate that this was a civil matter and she needed to take this up as a custody case. She scurried and got that emergency custody hearing and the judge found nothing to support the allegations Kate had made against her ex-husband Jon.

Jaw-dropping allegations

This was last year in April, but the information about Kate's accusations against Jon was just revealed. Jon believes that Kate will lie to the police if it means getting what she wants and she wants complete control of the kids. He was not happy learning about his ex-wife's allegations.

Kids are the biggest victims?

So who suffers here? Hannah, whose classmates will probably end up hearing about this.

Much like what Kate did to her son Colin, she is putting the kids' lives out there as if it were an open book. Now Collin will probably be teased and bullied because he was "put away." Hannah will end up mortified if one of her classmates hears about the allegations made by her mother. Kate just doesn't seem to guard these kids from public scrutiny.

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