Mess with Kate Gosselinat your peril: that's what ex-husband Jon Gosselinfound after their celebrated divorce. The Reality TV mom of "Kate Plus 8" filed a police report against her ex claiming he's a drug dealer who kidnapped their sextuplet daughter Hannah Gosselin and had unnatural relations with her. For his part, dad faulted Kate for sending son Collin, 12. away and then shaming him by talking about it to the media. The police dismissed the case against Jon, but Gosselin says it shows the lengths his ex-wife will go to for control and show ratings.

"Jon & Kate Plus 8" versions of the truth

The Gosselinparents of sextuplets have very different versions of why they're estranged. Kate claims Jon doesn't provide and that's why she got custody of their children (she doesn't work either except as a TV mom). Jon got a job as a deejay but Kate thinks it's a cover to sell narcotics. She also accused her "drug dealer" ex of drinking alcohol in front of the kids (not illegal). Kate claims he kidnapped Hannah by picking her up at school. She also isn't comfortable with how close they are and wonders if it's weird.

Jon says Kate doesn't keep scheduled visits and that he's not an "absent parent" but an excluded one. Some say Hannah ran away to be with her dad. Police dropped the case lacking any evidence.

Mady and Cara encouraged to trash talk dad

After Kate Gosselin went public with her version of why son Collin Gosselin no longer lives at home, Jon shared in an interview that he wasn't consulted about sending their son to a special school.

He didn't discuss anger issues Kate said the boy had and was upset that mom violated Collin's privacy for media attention. Then the couples' older twin girls Mady Gosselin and Cara Gosselin lashed out at "crazy" dad in an interview saying he embarrassed them by telling his side publicly. They blame him for failing to be there for them and then admit to avoiding visits. Kate Gosselin said she applauded her girls' candor.

Family drama makes good viewing?

The former "Jon & Kate Plus 8" parents should be on "Family Feud" their relationship is so ceaselessly toxic. The couples split several years ago and are still squabbling.Is it all done for show ratings? That's what some wonder. Given it's just "Kate Plus 8" now, it would seem Mrs Gosselin is the instigator there. Her ex-boyfriend Jeff Prescottconfirms that saying he dumped her after he found Kate's only interest was in her reality TV star status.

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