Is Kanye West a suspect in his wife'sjewelry heist? A new report online claims that the police in Paris have beckoned Kanye to France as they are finding something just doesn't add up. The place where Kim Kardasian was staying was her own private residence and the robbers happened to come at a time when her security wasn't present and she was alone. This new report, or rumor, suggests that doesn't sound coincidental.

Even if Kim had been all alone, her residence is equipped with an armored door, which is tamper proof, so how did the five robbers disguised as fake police officers get in?

Kanye alibi

Kanye has an excellent alibi as he was thousands of miles away and on stage when he received word that his wife was robbed at gun point. But, the more police are investigating this robbery, which left Kim with a loss of somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million in jewels, the more things don't add up, reports was tied up and then locked in a bathroom, but to police, things are looking really fishy. She was in Paris being robbed and he was in New York rapping to an audience, but could he have orchestrated this heist for an insurance scam?

Debt woes made public

Of course Kanye made no secret of being over $50 million in debt not too long ago, so there's a motive if someone was looking for one. But, as one of the many Kanye fans suggested online, why would Kim and Kanye go through all of this when they could just sell her jewelry? Maybe it was so they can have their cake and can eat it too? Which is what some are suggesting today. By selling it and getting the insurance claim that would double the money. As ludicrous as this report sounds, stranger things have happened.

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Body guard talking

Apparently the report also has Kim's body guard calling this either a robbery or a big publicity stunt because it looks too much like an inside job. They go as far as saying how Kim had flashed that multi-million dollar ring online and was very forthcoming about where she was at the time.

Either Kim's finger bobble posted online became a bandit's dream or part of the setup. It looks as if a naive Kim gave her location away and she also was flamboyant about the expensive jewelry she had with her when posting online.

So the robbers saw this and jumped at the chance to grab this small fortune in jewels, which is what the mainstream seems to believe today. Or, was she flashy with her stash so it would just look that way? Which is what this conspiracy theory seems to be suggesting.

Some don't believe that Kim was in on this allegedinsurance scam, as reports have her genuinely shaken from the ordeal. Reports have her so distraught at the time of the robbery that she reportedly "begged for her life," according toThe Inquisitr.That theory or rumor suggests someone who Kim knows well tipped off the thieves and Kanye as to Kim being alone that night. Kim's ex-bodyguard talked with CNN News and suggested it was an inside job.

You can see him in the video below:

Rumor has Kanye dodging French police

This new report, or better yet -- rumor -- has Kanye not being very cooperative with the French police, as he allegedly won't pin down a time to come and talk with them. That is if the police even want him there! In the meantime a picture is worth a thousand words and the family of four stepped out together looking very content after Kim's ordeal when they were back in the States.

It's a tough rumor to swallow. Kimyeare the last couple in the world folks would suspect trying to make money with such an elaborate scheme. These aren't poor folks, they have plenty of money to go around! As far as Kanye being involved without Kim knowing, he is not a man that would put the woman he loves through such an ordeal. Have you ever seen the way he looks at Kim?

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