Fans were shocked tonight when it was announced that Kanye West left his show right in the middle due to a family emergency. Kanye didn't say what happened, but Blasting News reported it right away. Now the news is coming out that his wife Kim Kardashian was actually robbed at gunpoint while in Paris. She was obviously upset enough that it made Kanye want to leave his show and do whatever he could to help his wife.

What happened to Kim Kardashian West tonight in Paris?

Hollywood Life shared the details of what went down with Kim tonight. Kim's rep explained to CNN what went down tonight saying that Kim was held at gunpoint while she was in her hotel room in Paris.

So far, there is no word about if her children were with her or not. It was two men who came into the room. They were armed and dressed as police officers. Luckily, Kim was not hurt physically, but her rep shared that she was really shaken up but what happened. This had to be hard on her, and there is no way that Kanye can get right to her seeing that she is in Paris right now.

There are a lot of rumors flying about what was taken from Kim Kardashian West tonight. Obviously, Kim is pretty rich and probably had a lot of stuff with her in the hotel room. Fans are very worried about her and want to hear the details.

Fans that were at Kanye's concert said that at first he didn't want to leave the show, but then someone was finally able to get him to go.

Kanye probably didn't even understand what was going on when someone explained to him at first that he needed to leave. Kanye is not known for getting up and leaving his show for no reason. Honestly, everyone was worried that someone in the family might have passed away, so luckily this was not the case.

Are you shocked to hear that Kanye West quit his show due to his wife Kim being robbed? Do you think that Kanye should have just taken a break and then come back to finish the show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "Rob & Chyna" on Sunday nights on E!.

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