Kim Kardashian-West is the definition of a socialite. Her iconic image is forever branded into the minds of young millennials and Generation Z. From her infamous sex tape to controversial reality show to a powerhouse marriage, fans and critics are in awe of her supernatural success. Clothing lines and a couple of apps add to her list of accomplishments, and her sisters have mirrored her in style and appearance. But her husband and two children, North and Saint, are her top priorities. Her life has more meaning now than ever before, and she strives to be the best wife and mother to her husband and babies.

Her dreams are now a reality. Unfortunately, life experiences are more than just precious moments. Negative and even distressing experiences occur every day, and Celebrities are not immune.

More thana jewel heist

During Paris Fashion Week, West was robbed.The thievestook close to an estimated six million dollars in jewels, but materials were not the only goods stolen.Her sense of self and confidence were ripped from her identity, and since theburglary, routineupdates,trendy outfitsandregular outingsvanished along with her valuables.

An unidentified source detailed the situation for CNN, "West pleaded for her life as she was threatened with the gun, and was bound and forced into a bathtub.Tape was placed over mouth." West couldnot evenbeg for her survival. Her right to live was inthe hands of random strangers armedfor the worst, andthe possibility of death loomed insidethose four embellished walls."

After the incident occurred, Kanye West cancelled his concert performance to comfort his wife.

Devotees of the rapper were both shocked and disappointed because of the abrupt departure. According to the attendees at that Meadows Festival in New York, a "family emergency" was the reason given. One witness said that the artist would not leave until an unnamed man urged him off the stage. After the situation was explained, the realization of the horror hit him hard. West needs counseling to cope with her stress, and West needs counseling to help his wife heal.

Just because these two are superstars, it does not discount their humanity -- especially for Kanye, Kim, North and Saint.

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