Kailyn Lowryhas been dealing with plenty of things over the past couple of months, including a divorce from her husband, Javi Marroquin. While Lowry has revealed that her miscarriage was one of the reasons why her marriage failed, she has been accused of cheating on Javi while he was serving overseas. Since Javi has close friends with some of the guys on "Teen Mom 2," it is possible that Javi will be invited to Chelsea Houska's upcoming wedding. But is Lowry invited?

According to a new tweet,Kailyn Lowryis now setting the record straight about a story that was run by a tabloid.

The story stated that Kailyn wasn't invited to Houska's upcoming wedding, possibly because of a feud between the two. But don't worry "Teen Mom"fans -- things are quite alright between these two.

Is Kailyn Lowry going to Chelsea Houska’s wedding?

The tabloid story about Kailyn's lack of invite quickly spread on social media and Chelsea was quick to set the record straight, essentially slamming the story.

“Hahahahahah what the hell,” Chelsea wrote to the article, to which one person wrote, "Haha Kailyn Lowry this stuff is so dumb."

"Hmmmm that's weird cause I'm pretty sure the invite is on my fridge," Lowry revealed on Twitter, sharing that she had already received an invitation to the October wedding.

One can imagine that Lowry will go to the wedding alone, as she and her husband aren't getting along these days. No word on whether Javi is invited because he and Cole DeBoer may be friends.

Kailyn Lowry may be moving away from Pennsylvania

These days, Lowry is trying to move on from her divorce decision. Kailyn recently revealed that she was spending time in New Jersey and when fans asked her to come back to Pennsylvania, she revealed that she had no reason to stick around.

It sounds like she may be moving around to find her new place. No word on how that's going to work with Jo Rivera and their custody agreement over Isaac.

What do you think ofKailyn Lowryslamming the tabloid for saying that she doesn't have an invite to Chelsea's wedding? Do you think there could be a feud growing here?

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