Kailyn Lowrydecided to share lots of thoughts and feelings last night on Twitter. Kailyn doesn't share much about her life these days, as she's nearing the end of her divorce. While Lowry has done everything on her end, she's still waiting for a judge to sign her divorce documents, which would make her a single woman. And it sounds like Kailyn knows what she wants in the future, as she's starting to rethink her life.

According to a new tweet,Kailyn Lowryknows that she doesn't want a cheater. Of course, her marriage to Javi Marroquin was plagued with cheating accusations, as he was spotted in bed with another woman, who has a female partner.

That didn't sit well with Lowry and within months, she was being accused of cheating as well.

Kailyn Lowry says lying to your spouse is wrong

"WE CHEAT ON OUR GIRLFRIENDS BUT WE DONT WANT THEM TO CHEAT ON US. YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE WE KNOW CHEATING IS WRONG!...." one person wrote, to which Kailyn replied, "This is all wrong."

While Lowry didn't make a reference to her marriage, it's clear that she isn't exactly eager to date someone who may have an interestin someone else. In fact, Lowry may prefer to have someone, who is ready to settle down and be a step-father, as she now has two children with two different men.

WillKailyn Lowry's ex-husband's book reveal that she lied to him?

After announcing their split, Kailyn announced that she was writing a new book - and her estranged husband announced he was writing a tell-all book.

He wants the truth to come out about their marriage, and one can imagine that their books will be very different. While Lowry has revealed that her book is about her life as a single mother and a role model in the spotlight, Javi has hinted that his book is all about setting the record straight. Maybe he doesn't want people to think that he's such a bad person as Lowry made him out to be.

What do you think ofKailyn Lowry's tweet that cheating is wrong? Do you think she's trying to clear her name after being accused of cheating on her husband?

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