The Duggar men talked women, marriage and courtship on TLC "Counting On" recently. Eighth eldest Josiah Duggar discussed his ideal wife material and split with Marjorie Jackson last year. The second and third eldest of the former "19 Kids and Counting" Jana Duggar and John-David Duggar, 26, described his ideal mate while his twin sis shared her vision. "Cinderella Duggar" also shared her longing for love. But behind all this, the specter of molester elder brother Josh Duggar continues to haunt the wedding feast as rumors of his return to the show won't die down.

Josiah Duggar on courtship and lady love.

The 20-year-old Reality TV star Josiah is looking for a comedienne to match his role as family joker. But he also wants some serious characteristics such as confidence tempered with some modesty and personal organization to balance his lack thereof. Of the Marjorie Jackson breakup last year, Josiah says it was over timing and age less than disagreement or problems. Josiah wisely noted that at only 20 he still is pretty young to be thinking about marriage and admitted he has some growing up to do. Duggar hinted that he might be back with his ex in future when they were both a little older. Whoever he dates it will be under family courtship rules and with chaperoned dates so he doesn't do anything he might regret.

Jana Duggar is open to love.

John-David Duggar had similar goals for any future spouse that may come his way and his twin Jana Duggar agreed with all his expectations except one. Jana thinks he should have a more outgoing woman. She would also like to be able to be close friends with John-David's mate.

The part-time police officer didn't discuss his sister's role in their relationship. As per courting, John-David said it would be between himself and the girl but plans to generally follow the family protocol on dating and chaperoned dates.

"Counting On" courtship and Josh Duggar

Jim Bob Duggar and his wife Michelle Duggar have very specific prohibitions with their engaged or courting couples.

They can't touch and mom or dad literally inserts themselves between the couple. They may side hug. The currently courting Jinger Duggar says she is writing her own rules, sitting next to fiance Jeremy Vuolo and full frontal hugging. The eldest, Josh, who cheated on his wife on Ashley Madison, fondled his sisters and committed adultery with a stripper who had just gotten out of a faith-based treatment center for sex addiction. He went the full month with proper family courting and chaperones with his wife Anna. Their on-the-rocks marriage makes a lot of folks ask whether this super strict courtship is a good idea.

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