Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray got engaged during the Season 3 finale of “Bachelor in Paradise” and they've been inseparable ever since. The two have had to deal with some drama from her ex-husband and some rumors about trouble in their relationship, but they seem to be brushing off the criticism and focusing on their new family unit. What's the latest from Amanda and Josh?

Amanda and Josh have focused on life with her girls in California

Initially, Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton had to deal with a long-distance engagement, as he was living in Atlanta, Georgia while she and her daughters are based in California.

However, he moved out there to be with her and that's where they've been ever since. The “Bachelor in Paradise” stars had stated that they would be moving to Georgia together, but so far, they remain based in California.

Josh and Amanda have posted tons of pictures of their life together where they spend a lot of time with her daughters Charlie and Kinsley. Both girls seem to adore Josh, as well as his dog Sabel, and he has apparently fully embraced the opportunity to have a role in their life.

This past weekend, however, Murray and Stanton took a few days away from the girls for a grown-up trip.

The 'Bachelor in Paradise' lovebirds got away for a fun weekend in Georgia

The “Bachelor in Paradise” stars headed to Georgia where they hung out with his family and took in the University of Georgia Bulldogs football game. Josh and Amanda shared quite a few updates via Instagram and Snapchat and it certainly seems that they were having a blast.

Given how much time they have spent in her neck of the woods together, this was surely a great chance for her to get a better taste of his day-to-day life with his family and friends back in Georgia.

What comes next for Murray and Stanton? The two have talked a lot about how anxious they are to get married and expand their family, but so far, the "Bachelor in Paradise" stars have not shared anything more about specific plans.

Despite plenty of rumors that they are struggling in their everyday lives as a couple, Josh and Amanda are clearly putting on a united front publicly. Do you think that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton will end up getting married?

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