Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are still doing it hands-on, it seems. The couple, from TLC Reality TV show "Counting On" flouted family rules about courting early in their relationship. And now after a whirlwind courtship they accelerated almost immediately to engagement despite dad Jim Bob Duggar doing his best to apply the brakes. As an engaged couple, they're still rewriting the rules with verboten hand-holding. Mom Michelle Duggar says she has her hands full trying keep their hands off each other.

How far do the pair plan to go before marriage and will their parents be able to control it?

Duggar and Vuolo do Courtship 2.0

The fundamentalist evangelical ChristianDuggar kids go through Bible-based courtship instead of dating. But relationships don't start there. There's a period of getting acquainted, then dad's permission must be obtained. Jeremy blew through the meet-and-greet phase and after a few weeks had asked Jim Bob to court Jinger. That phase in itself was short-lived and kind of freestyle.

The two engaged infull frontal hugs instead of Duggar-inspired side hugs. They sat next to each other without a chaperone parent or sibling in between.

Engagement Jeremy and Jinger style

After a quickie courtship, Jeremy proposed to his lady love. Instead of letting mom and dad manage it, the pair defined rules of engagement too. This includes hand-holding and more hugging. The first kiss will "probably" be saved for the wedding day.

Making out and premarital sexare strictly still off-limits. Michelle Duggar has tried to maintain her role as buffer (God love her) but says it's hard when you have two "magnets" pulling towards each other. She touchingly admitted that they're obviously in love. The Duggar parents' best hope is probably to get them to the altar ASAP.

What about the Duggars, Dillards, Seewalds?

Jim Bob and Michelle, formerly of "19 Kids and Counting" have three married kids--Anna and Josh Duggar, Jill Duggar Dillard and Derick Dillard and Jessa Duggar Seewald(who's pregnant again after just having a baby) and Ben Seewald.

They all went through a much more traditional family courtship and the latter two couples' relationships seem strong. All four have expressed positive feelings about chastity before marriage. But nothing has gone well for Josh and Anna since Duggar was found in adultery, cybercheating, molesting sisters and sex addiction. Does the very hands-off courting have anything to do with that?

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