These two lovebirds have a wedding in the works! Duggar and Vuolo have an obvious chemistry and connection, but Duggar's parents Jim Bob and Michelle disapprove of the engaged couple's courtship rules. Even though the patriarchal home believes that the first kiss is a special occasion for the altar, they also emphasize the importance of limitations on physical touch, chaperones and monitored communication.


Vuolo is close to the big 30, and Duggar is 22-years-old, but her parents still restrict the burgeoning relationship in order to avoid sexual intimacy and possible pregnancy. However, the methods are extreme, and the betrothed man and woman set their own guidelines.

Duggar and Vuolo sip and spill the tea

Side-hugs and warm hands are the only appearances of affection these two can display. Even frontal hugs are seen as a sin, and the Duggar Family disdains anything that emanates sexual tension.


Unfortunately for Jim Bob and Michelle, their daughter Jinger only has "heart eyes" for her fiancé Jeremy. Regardless, the anxious mother and father worry about their little girl's safety, health and well-being. Fortunately for them, Vuolo seems like a kind, caring and responsible young man. Both he and Duggar will engage in coitus until after the wedding. Fans of this series will have to wait for the sizzling ceremony, and a baby out of wedlock or a simple peck on the cheek is an inconceivable reality.

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Duggar Family

When their celebration airs, Duggar and Vuolo devotees will experience the crazed and burgeoning passion burst into melting flames on-screen. Unless this program is cancelled, the upcoming nuptials will be televised for the world to view.

The anticipated finale 

Unfortunately, since Season 3 has wrapped, viewers will have to wait a while before the fairy-tale eventually plays out on television screens for all the world (and fanbase to see).

Best of luck to Duggar and Vuolo in their next chapter as husband and wife. They deserve all the heat and happiness wedded bliss can bring, and much more.

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