Pop singer and actress Jennifer Lopez will star in NBC’s upcoming live televised production of “Bye Bye Birdie” in a 2017 television production.

What to expect from "Bye Bye Birdie?"

The plot of the Broadway show "Bye Bye Birdie" is said to revolve around a publicity stunt over fictional pop-star, Conrad Birdie (a play on Conway Twitty, but the character was also based off of Elvis Presley) who releases his next big hit after being drafted to serve in the war. The stunt also revolves around “one last kiss” he will give to one of his fangirls. A small town in the 1950’s finds itself within national spotlight due to hosting the event.

A film adaptation was released in 1963 that starred Dick Van Dyke, Paul Lynde, and singer Ann-Margaret, and a made for television remake came out in 1995, the latter featuring Jason Alexander and Vanessa Williams. There had also at one point been a sequel show on Broadway, called "Bring Back Birdie."

Harvey Fierstein will write the script for the upcoming show, and is set to air December 7, 2017 on the NBC network. The show will be the next in line after The Wiz and this year’s live production of Hairspray.

Lopez will restore her character’s Hispanic origins

Lopez will play Rose “Rosie” Alvarez, Birdie’s agent’s secretary (and love-interest) who helps create the publicity stunt. The character was always intended to be Hispanic, having been originated by Chita Rivera in the original Broadway production.

The 1963 film adaptation, however, changed the character to “Rosie DeLeon,” casting Janet Leigh in the role, and downplayed her Hispanic background, going so far as to cut her song, “Spanish Rose.”

Lopez has had a blossoming relationship with the NBC network, star of the crime network, "Shades of Blue", and is also set to serve as a judge on the upcoming "World of Dance" competition show.

In a released statement, Lopez said that she was proud to have become part of the NBC family and had even listed “Bye Bye Birdie” as one of her favorite musicals, saying that, “Broadway musicals and films fueled my childhood” and it would be a “blast” to get involved with the newest live television show.

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