Jenelle Evans, a cast member on the hit series "Teen Mom 2," is about to give birth for the third time. Instead of boozy drama, rocky relationships, sketchy arguments and broken hearts, Evans and her new boyfriend, David Eason, radiate with a noticeable glow. Both parents are anxious, yet excitedto meet their baby girl Ensley Jolie. Even though this couple updates Instagram with perky posts and care-free captions, displeasure might infiltrate their delight. Possible arrest, a tense custody battle and newborn cries may suffocate dreams of a picture-perfect family, and leave Evans in a state of stress and loneliness.

The innocent action that clinksEason in handcuffs

Just because artsy photographs are available for peruse, they do not indicate life beyondthe snaps. Eason has a criminal record, and his past comes alive to haunt him. In March, he violated his ex-girlfriend's order of protection by hugging his estranged son. The heartfelt mistake led him to sixty days behind bars, and the repercussions have had a negative impact on his burgeoning family. Two months in jail could mean missing doctor's appointments, ultrasounds, Ensley Jolie's arrival and her important milestones. The unimaginable strain could lead to blowout fights, secret resentments and irrevocable explosions. Hopefully, Evans and Eason can implement a plan for themselves and their children.

The battle between Evans and her mother

Evans' mother, Barbara, has primary custody of her grandson Jace. Because of Evans' tumultuous lifestyle, she did sign her parental rights over to her mother. Ever since Jace's infancy, Barbara is his main maternal figure. However, Evans has her spacious home, reliable vehicle, degree in the medical field and stability.

All she needs now is her firstborn, and until Jace is under her care, her family will not be complete. Barbara will always have a positive influence over her daughter's child, but Jace belongs with his mom and siblings. The court date is set for this month.

The newest addition to the Evans and Eason home

Evans' due date is on January 28, 2017, and before she greets her youngest baby, she talked about her bids and digs. She told PEOPLE: "I just bought a lot of land and I'm about to put a house on it." Her expanding brood will need more room to make more memories. Recent purchases are not Evans' only accomplishment, though. She detailed Ensley Jolie's nursery for the same magazine outlet. She stated, "I'm thinking a gold, pink and grey theme with roses." No doubt the newborn will have an abundance of embellishments and accessories. Hopefully, two sets of arms will cradle Ensley Jolie when she makes her anticipated debut.

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