Kathleen McLaughlin, former spouse of disgraced Subway icon Jared Fogle, has announced plans to sue the Subway Company, claiming that the sandwich company was aware of her ex-husband’s pedophilic activities for nearly a decade and did not act upon it.

The company may have been aware of what was going on since 2004

Fogle himself is currently serving 15 years in a Colorado prison over charges of child pornography and crossing state lines to have sex with a minor. Fogle’s actions originally came to the public eye after the FBI raided his propertyand uncovered the illicit material in July 2015. McLaughlin had announced her divorce from Fogle shortly after the charges came to life, in what she claimed was necessary for the welfare of herself and her children.McLaughlin now claims, however, that the company was aware of her husband’s crimes as early as 2004.

Reportedly, Fogle encountered an underage girl at a promotional event, and had attempted to solicit sexual acts from her.According to reports, the company arranged for a Senior PublicRelations Manager to talk with Fogle himself and the Subway franchise owner, but not the victim. Aside from alerting this public relations employee, the company supposedly did not take any further action over the incident, including alerting the authorities, which they were legally required to do.

McLaughlin decried such action, saying that even if the higher-ups had genuine reason to believe the incident was nothing more than “allegations,” it was still their responsibility to take further action.The incident in question also notably predates McLaughlin meeting Fogle, with them reportedly meeting in 2008 and marrying around two years later.

Reports also allege there was a second and third incident

A second incident, however, took place in 2008, where it is alleged that Subway franchisee Cindy Mills told company CEO at the time Jeff Moody that she had heard Fogle making comments about young girls, including actually admitting to having sex with minors as young as nine years of age.

Mills then alleged that Fogle had sexually harassed her directly, claiming that she should become a prostitute. Once again, McLaughlin alleges that the company’s sole course of action was to hold a meeting with a public relations manager.

A third incident is also said to have taken place in 2011. Journalist Rochelle Herman-Walrond had reportedly contacted Subway officials after he had told her about his interest in performing sexual actions with children and went so far as to ask her help in gaining access to children.

Reportedly, she felt it was also inappropriate to allow Fogle around children during events knowing his behavior.

McLaughlin claims she would not have married Fogle if she had been clearly more aware of the situation. It has also been alleged thatSubway officials had hoped that Fogle’s marriage to McLaughlin would help to stop his pedophilic behavior.

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