Janet Jackson is the younger sister of the famous Micheal Jackson. She is an important and famous singer in her own right and has sung umpteen songs and shot videos that have left her mark in the world of showbiz. Janet was born in 1966 and is the youngest of 9 children. Jackson's been singing for more than 30 years with her first hit coming in 1986 with "Control". She is married thrice and Qatari businessman Wissam al Mana is her third husband who she married in 2012.

Janet's baby

Janet always wanted a family and in an interview, in April 2016 Janet announced that she and her husband are planning a family and as such, she would postpone her tours.

In May this year it was confirmed that Janet was soon to be a mother. 50 is an age that is almost past the midpoint in a person life. Most women do not have a baby at this age, but Janet has defiedtime and the baby should soon be on the way. She does not know the sex of the baby. She has proved that will power is everything.

Janet's husband is 41 and his support has meant a lot to her. Her siblings and immediate family are delighted at the news of Janet's baby and shenow proudly shows off her small hump.It is confirmed that the baby is not a surrogate and its Janet's own child. Janet's only wish is that the baby is normal. The fact is Janet always wanted to have kids and way back in 2009 in an interview to Harpers Bazaar had said: " Sure, I'd adopt and I think if I am really supposed to have kids, it will happen if that's God's plan for me." What sort of mother will Janet be?

Her brotherGermaine feels that she will be a good and strict mother.

Last word

Janet remains one of the most sensational singers and in one show at the Super Bowl in 2004 along with Justin Timberlane accidentally exposed her breast. Both stars later said it was an accident. Janet has always lived in the limelight and now obviously the attention is focussed on her coming child.

Janet blazed a trail in the field of showbiz and music and one can say the same with her recent announcement of a baby on the way at 50.

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