Jane the Virgin returns with Season 3 beginning Monday night and fans are anxious to find out Michael's fate. The last that everybody saw, Michael's partner Susanna had been revealed to actually be Sin Rostro and she shot Michael. What spoilers are available regarding what comes next?

Will Michael survive the shooting by Sin Rostro?

There has been speculation swirling since early on in the series that Michael would die, but many fans think that this would be a bit too much for this campy telenovela-inspired series.

A poll at TVLine notes that a slight majority of the voters think that Michael will die, while a close second pick is the idea that Michael will live, but not remember anything when he awakens. A third popular choice details that he will survive, but be in a coma.

“Jane the Virgin” spoilers indicate that viewers will learn Michael's fate in this Season 3 premiere, and according to IndieWire, the next episode picks up just four minutes after where things ended in Season 2. Show creator Jennie Snyder Urman says that much of Monday's episode will focus on whether or not Michael survives and it will not take Jane long to discover that her new husband has been shot.

The stress and uncertainty will take a toll on all of their friends and family, but viewers will also get some fun flashbacks to when the two first met.

What else is on the way with Season 3 of 'Jane the Virgin'?

In terms of where things head as Season 3 plays out, “Jane the Virgin” spoilers confirm that she will finally have sex at some point, but everybody will have to wait and see whether that's with Michael or someone else.

She will be graduating and tackling what comes next and Mateo will be growing and challenging Jane and Rafael. Everybody will see a different Rafael in these upcoming episodes and there is plenty more on the way with Anezka's scheme to pretend she is Petra.

There is plenty of fun with Rogelio, Xo, and Alba ahead as well and “Jane the Virgin” spoilers detail that there are some politically-related moments detailing the family's immigration experience.

Xo is pregnant with Esteban's child and everybody will see early on this season what comes next on that front. As for Sin Rostro, she will still be part of Season 3, but things will be shifting a bit with her storyline.

Do you think that Michael will survive the shooting and embrace the newlywed life with Jane or is heartbreak on the way? Season 3 of “Jane the Virgin” premieres Monday, October 17 on The CW and fans cannot wait to see where things head next.

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