The romantic comedy telenovela “Jane The Virgin” developed by Jennie Snyder Urman returns for the third season in the month of October. This satirical drama is the story of a girl Jane (Gina Rodriguez),a holy young virgin who mistakenly gets pregnant through artificial insemination during a check up.

Unexpected turns of events in thefirst episode of new season to shock the audience

If we believe the cast and crew of the show, the new season will shock everyone as there will be many unexpected twists and turns in the story right from the first episode. Michael had been shot in last season, and Camil hopes that he will survive the gunshot in anew season.

The lead actors from the show claim that the opener of the third season will loudly tell much about the third season which is going to be a drama filled with a higher dose of romance and laughter.

If Jane will lose her virginity

The most important answer, the audience is looking for is whether Jane will give herself to someone and finally lose her virginity and another equally interesting thing to see will be who is that ‘someone.' If she gives it rightfully to her husband Michael (Brett Dier) or to her boss who still feels for her, or she chooses to surrender to her childhood crush, Sam played by Miles Gaston.

The new season sees recurring faces

As the new season doesn’t seem to show Rogelio romancing Xo (not at least in the near future) and has brought in Justina Machado for a recurring role opposite Camil.

This “Queen of South” famed actress plays the role of a matchmaker Darcy Factor who is very protective about her female clients. She has set very strict rules for matchmaking and dating services. Rogelio breaks many of her rules as he goes to find a date for him through her. Darcy gives him few more chances till she comes with a surprising proposition for him.

Xo’s ex-boyfriend returns

Another actor recurring in a role is Ricardo Chavira from “Desperate Housewives” and he will play an ex-boyfriend to Xo as the creators of the show don’t seem to let Xo go through her pregnancy alone.

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