Natalie Negrotti and James Huling met in the "Big Brother 18" house. The two really liked each other and despite a few problems and some drama, they managed to stay together. There was lots of pondering on social media about the future of the couple once out of the house. Many fans thought Natalie was a gold digger and was only using James to further her game.

In the end, James came in third. He walked away with only his stipend. Nicole Franzel took the grand prize of $500,000 and Paul Abrahamian was $50,000 richer for second place.

If Natalie was after the cash, as many had speculated, it would have ended there. The two have a real connection and a bond that is worth exploring in real life.

James posts on Instagram about Natalie

According to James' Instagramposts, he and Natalie spend hours talking on the phone all night and he wants to be a better man from being around her. He has several posts that make it obvious the two are very much a couple.Over the weekend in Boston, just two weeks post finale, the two were at "Survivor" Rodney Lavoie's second annual Rodney Bowl.

This is an event where reality TV stars come together to raise money for victims of childhood bullying. The reunion gave them a chance to build on their relationship which started almost three months ago in the "Big Brother" house.

Is one of them planning to relocate?

James continues to live in Texas near his daughter. Natalie is currently living in New York. A long distance relationship will bring challenges but they seem ready to take it on.

The two appear to be happy together and are officially dating in real life.

According to InquisitrJames and Natalie will soon be doing a live Periscope session. The couple will be able to see a lot of the moments they shared in the "Big Brother" house. The good moments and the not so good moments. The loving moments and the disagreements. It will be a unique opportunity for them to look back on some of the memories that brought them to where they are now, and maybe a glimpse into what the future holds.

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