Jaden Smith has shared plenty of strange things with his fans throughout the years including being a vampire according to a recent interview with French magazine Numero. The teenage son of Celebrities Will and Jada Smith admitted when he was younger he lived as a real creature of the night. Say what?

Jaden Smith was what?

Over the years most celebrity news followers have cocked their heads in amazement a time or two when it comes to some of the things that the "Karate Kid" star has said, or done no matter just how strange and bizarre they have been.

The odd costumes, including wearing a full on Batman costume to Kimye's wedding, his choice to wear female clothes from time to time, and just some of his eccentric thoughts on life and the world around him.

But his most recent share into his life reveals that during a time he went through a bit of a "Goth stage," revealing that he wore nothing but black, hid out in his room, you know, typical moody, broody teenage stuff, but his reason for doing so was because during that time he needed to hide from the sun because he was a real vampire!

What does the future hold for Jaden Smith?

Okay? However, Jaden Smith was being very serious, not kidding in the least, he meant he believes he was a real vampire, but those days are gone for now and he states that he enjoys getting out in the sun some, and adding a bit or color to his wardrobe. Smith, who just turned 18, in July certainly has had his share of news headlines lately, falling victim more than once in the past weeks to the celebrity death hoax reports that show up online constantly.

The last report cruelly reported that Jaden had committed suicide.

Imagine waking to find out on social media that you have allegedly died numerous times before age twenty? It is no wonder that Jaden prefers to keep things in his life mostly on the down low. The young man has even stated that within the next decade or so he plans on disappearing, making his total existence completely a mystery to all.

Wonder what Will and Jada and little sister Willow think about his future plans, or if they are all plotting together?

What are your thoughts on Jaden Smith believing he was once a real vampire, quirky, wacky or a little of both?

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