Chelsea Handlerhas a different view of Ivanka Trump than most people, even Hillary Clinton! Along with her not so stellar view of the GOP candidate's oldest daughter, she's concocted a fantasy about Ivanka and she shared that fantasy with Bill Maher on his show recently.

Shaking hands a no-no

Handler, who is not without controversy herself, told Maher how she was introduced to Ivanka Trump at the Fortune's Women's Conference last week. Handler said she was there interviewing Anita Hill and after she was done with her interview, Ivanka Trump was presented to her by the woman who orchestrated the conference.

Once the introduction was made, Chelsea said she was put on the spot to shake Ivanka's hand. Chelsea tells Maherwhat happened next. She said, "I go, I just can't. I can't with you." It is not clear whether she refused out loud to shake Ivanka's hand or this was something she was thinking to herself as she shook the hand of Trump's daughter. Either way Chelsea does not want to shake the hand of the daughter of the man who may be president.

American hero

This stems from Ivanka's support of her father despite all the accusations made by women that Donald Trump has made unwanted advances. Chelsea then told Maher about a fantasy scenario she has of Ivanka, which includes Ivanka being deemed an American hero, according to Entertainment Weekly.

She sees Ivanka being that hero by coming forward and condemning her father's actions against the various women who have lodged complaints in the media. WhileChelsea does say that Trump has denied the accusations, it sounds as if she doesn't believe him.

Fantasy wish

Ivanka is the daughter of the man being bashed by Handler and she knows her fatherbetter than most anyone else in this world besides possibly Melania.

Ivanka believes in her father's innocence, so this fantasy of Chelsea Handler's will probably stay as just that - a fantasy! Chelsea said that if Ivanka did by chance do this, people would thank her and they would say "Holy S--t" before bestowing the title of American hero on Ivanka.

According to The New York Magazine, Chelsea elaborated a bit more about what she could say about herdad.

She would call him "disgusting" and "sexually inappropriate." To finish off the fantasy she would vow to stop him from running for office.

Harsh words!

While these are some pretty harsh fantasy lines, she originally delivered this with some vile four-letter-words strewn in. After this interview it is safe to assume that Chelsea Handler is not going to vote for Trump! Does she shake Hillary's hand? Hillary stood by her husband when he was accused of planting behavior on women that was much worse than Trump was ever accused of. You can check out Chelsea and Maher's conversation bellow.

Chelsea also said she doesn't respect people who have never tried alcohol or hallucinogenics because this means they are in too much control.

She said Trump raises red flags because he doesn't drink. When Maher introduced Chelsea, he said she's become an important voice. For sure Ivanka is not worried about what this woman thinks about her or her father!

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