The singer told People magazine: "We thank God for our blessing", and posed for a picture with her baby bump. The first baby hint came in April when Jackson addressed her fans via a video on Twitter. She explained that the second leg of her "Unbrekable" tour had been postponed because she was planning a family with her husband. According to People magazine, a source close to the jackson family told them: "She is super excited about her pregnancy and is doing extremely well." Jackson was last spotted in London shopping for baby material.

Reactions to the news.

As expected the news came as a surprise to some.

One Twitter user was amazed that Jackson was pregnant at 50, she tweeted: "I don't know which is more shocking, the fact that she's pregnant or the fact that she's 50." Theamount of 'likes" that were associated with the post suggests that many were amazedtoo.

Jackson's history and highlights.

The American singer, who is the sister of the late "King of Pop" Michael Jackson, has had an impressive musical career. She has released 11 albums and 7 of those including Unbreakable, have reached number 1. Janet Jackson is also no stranger to the camera, coming away from music she has starred in a variety of films including the Nutty Professor 2 and Why Did I get Married Too?

In 2012, Jackoson married billionaire businessman, Wissam Al Mana, afterdating him for a few years. The following year media reports confirmed that Jackson moved to Saudi Arabia.

The rise in late birth.

Although 50, Jackson is not the only big name to conceive relatively late. Oscar-winning actress, Halle Berry, had her second child at 47, while earlier this year, Swiss billionaire Maria Louis-Dreyfus, gave birth to twins at the age of 53.

Figures in the UK show that women are giving birth at a later age. According to the Office for National Statistics women aged 40 and over, now have a higher fertility rate than those aged under 20. The norms are slowly being redefined. It may take some getting used to but it seems likemotherhood can be put on hold.

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