“Ishqbaaz” aired on Star Plus at 10 PM in India is giving goose bumps to the audience with suspense thrill and romance. Monday’s episode was more of a celebration of ‘Karwa Chauth’ as everybody including all male members of Oberoi Mansion did ‘Karwa Chauth’ fast.

The day started on a happy note in Oberoi Mansion as most of the family members ate ‘Sargi’ in the morning served by thenon-fasting members including Shivaye, Om and Rudra.

Shivaye silently fasting on ‘Karwa Chauth.'

On breakfast table, Om receives a video message from Ridhima who misunderstood that Om wants to break up with her as he ignored all her calls.

Om rushes without eating anything. Rudra gets scared to eat anything as he feared that Rumi might convert him to a fly.

Shivaye also doesn’t eat anything, so Anika teases him that he was silently keeping ‘Karwa Chauth’ fast for Tia. Shivaye refuses and leaves. Anika also remains empty stomach.

Rudra and Soumya argue as mistakenly Soumya had spoken about Rudra’s ‘Devi’ girlfriend and Rudra accused Soumya of being envious of Rumi and out of jealousy only she did not tell Rudra that Rumi was a psycho.

Priyanka’s nervousness gets noticed

Priyanka and Om remain worried to see the red painted leaves inside the black box. Priyanka is highly tensed and starts crying but Om assures her that she need not worry and he will pay the price for whatever happened on the accident night.

But as she tells Om that she will not let him do this,

Shivaye overhears the conversation and questions Priyanka. Priyanka makes some excuse and Shivaye leaves but notices the black box.

Soumya also notices Priyanka’s nervousness but gets convinced that Priyanka felt weak due to fasting.

In the evening Anika wears a beautiful lehenga –choli and looks incredibly gorgeous. She lights diyas in a plate and finds Shivaye looking at her.

Both steal glimpses of each other, but Shivaye can’t resist her beauty and moves towards her with adoring eyes.

Anika’s heart beats louder as he approaches her but just then Tia comes between ‘Shivaye baby’ and Anika.

Oops! What and whom does Anika see behind the tree .. is it another trouble for Billuji and where is Tia? Keep tuned to more of suspense and saga in Oberoi Mansion coming up in future episodes.

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