Star Plus show “Ishqbaaz” telecasted every day at 10:30 PM in India, is giving the audience a good dose of entertainment and the episode airedon October 5, 2016, was full of adventure.

In the previous scene, Anika breaks Shivaay and Tia’s wedding just to protect Tej and Shakti Oberoi.

Shiva discusses with the Police

The episode begins with Shivaye talking to the Commissioner of Police. Shivaye asks the officerif the girl that appeared in the CD had committed suicide, if yes, then there must be some records of the case with the police.

The commissioner answers to him that Mumbai is a big city with more than two croreresiding here, it is difficult to find about a suicide case five years back.

Shivaye tells himabout the poster of a movie which was released only last month and asks him how is it possible that the poster the film was presentin the video CDwhile the girl committed so-called suicide five years back.

The CD and the poster are proof to prove that Tej and Shakti are not guilty but are framed. The commissioner says that this is not a solid proof and if Tej and Shakti are innocent then nothing will happen to them.

No clue on the poster boy:

Anika tells she knows who fixed the poster and from the same source they can find about the girl who may be alive. Anika says Shivaye that Sahil can tell about the poster in the CD. Sahil says hello to all and Anika asks him about the poster.

Sahil tells about the location of the poster.

Priyanka comes to know that Soumya is the love angel, but she asks Priyanka not to tell anyone about this. Shivaye asks Anika to focus on the problem and Om.

Rudra,Shivaay, and Anika try to find the girl as only then they can prove Tej and Shakti innocent. All of them try to find out the house of the girl in the CD through the person who fixed the poster.

New entry in "Ishqbaaz"

The show is having some really interesting things going around, and the audience is curious to know what will happen next and how Tej and Shakti will be proved innocent.

Meanwhile, the makers of the show have introduced another character in the show. A new person will come into Rudra and Saumya’s life.

Watch today's episode to know if they can find the girl in the CD.


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