The viewership of Lalit Mohan's Television soap "Ishqbaaz" is increasing day by day. This serial which is being aired on Star Plusin India has succeeded in impressing the family audiences, and it is now the hottest pick among the prime time lady audiences.

Nakuul Singh Mehta's portrayal of Shivaay Singh Oberoi is the main highlight of this show The young actor with his unique mannerisms has captured a million hearts, and he has been given adequate support by Kunal Jaisingh (Omkara Singh),Leenesh Mattoo (Rudra Singh), Neha Lakshmi Iyer (Soumya) and Nikita Anand (Pinky).

October 3 episode updates

In the initial scene, we can see Shivaay trying to prove the innocence of Tej and Shakthi.

Soon, Shivaay asks Anika that he need to talk with her, and they plan to meet tomorrow.

Shivaay offers Anika that he will drop her home, but Anika denies it. From Shivaay's pose, we can make it out that he is very much reluctant to leave the place.

In another scene, we witness Jhanvi reach out to Pinky to let her look for a necklace. When Jhanvi pressurizes Pinky to tell about the girl in the CD, she replies that the girl died five years back.

Then Jhanvi advises Pinky to focus only on the marriage between Shivaay and Tia. She also asks her to forget all other things so that she can stay stress free.

Om, Shivaay, and Rudra discuss:

Soon, the camera shifts to a poolside where the three brothers, Om, Shivaay and Rudra are sitting together.

Rudra teases Shivaay stating that this is for the last time that they might be sitting together as Shivaay will marry soon. Shivaay say's that brotherhood will nevernot end even if someone gets married.

With a bit smile on his face, Om replies that they cannot sit in the night after Shivaay's marriage.

In the end, all of them promises that they will remain the same even after they all get married.

After Anikashows the CD, Shivaay calls off his wedding immediately and leaves along with Anika to prove his family's innocence. Tia gets irked. It will be interesting to see what happens next in next episode.

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