“Ishqbaaz” has love blooming everywhere in the air amidst the mysteries surrounding Oberoi Mansion.

October 27 episode

The episode starts with Anika telling Shiva that she saw Tia hugging a mystery man behind the tree, She also tells him that initially,she thought the person was Shivaay, but later realises it's not him.

After telling him, she realises that Shivayhas earphones in his ears and is speaking to someone. Obviously, he wouldn't have heard what she said. Aneka gets frustrated and leaves the room in a hustle. It would be interesting to see if he really heard what she said or pretending to be speaking to someone on his phone.

The previous episode was an intensely emotional, romantic drama as Shivaye takes Anika inside the house and asks her to take rest. Anika gets conscious and tries to tell Shivaye something but gets confused.

Shivaye misunderstands Anika’s Intentions, who saw Tia hugging a man behind the tree and wants to tell Shivaye about the same. But Shivaye thinks that shelikes him and what she is trying to say is the confession of her feelings for him.

He keeps interrupting her and doesn’t let her speak anything. Anika is a bit hesitant to tell Shivaye about Tia’s truth and Shivaye thinks that she is trying to gather the courage to propose to him. Out of this confusion, he thinks how he will handle the situation if she proposes to him.

Tia comes inside the room, so Anika keeps quiet.

Anika unable to reveal Tia's truth

Aneka asks Shivaye to drop her home hoping to get a chance to tell Shivaye about Tia’s truth, but in the car also Shivaye keeps interrupting Anika fearing her confession of loving him. He can’t control enough and tells her that he knows about what she wants to tell.

Aneka gets confused that Shivaye is marrying Tia despite knowing about her.Shivaye tells herthat he knows about her liking for him, but they can’t go further with that.

Anika gets irritated and gets out of the car and leaves telling Shivaye that she has no such intentions but wanted to tell something else. Shivaye wonders if It is not her confession then what else does she want to tell him.

Soumya and Rudra come across each other in the study room, and Rudra again blames her and calls her desperate as she is with loser Reyaan.

Gayatri murder still remains a mystery

ACP calmsdown Priyanka and plans future meetings to use her to find out the truth of Gayatri’s murder. Priyanka goes to Om and tells about her meeting with ACP. Both remain tensed to know that somebody knows their secret.

Anaka keeps muttering to herself as she leaves Shivaay’s car. She keeps wondering about Tia and her secret. Bhua overhears her talking to herself and suggests her to look for some clues regarding Tia’s issue. Anika suddenly remembers something and says that there was not just one clue but many against Tia.

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