Star Plus show “Ishqbaaz” aired every night at 10:00 PM in India, is an all spice mix of thrill, romance and mystery. Saturday’s episode was a high voltage drama which clued towards the murder mystery of Gayatri.

Assistant Commissioner of Police visits Oberoi Mansion

ACP comes to Oberoi Mansion and questions Anika about joining her work back at the Oberoi Mansion and asks about her relation with Shivaye. Shivaye threatens ACP who leaves an envelope in the mailbox.

Priyanka asks Shivaye about ACP and picks the envelope from the mailbox. She gets frightened to see a picture drawing inside the envelope which showed a lady getting killed in an accident.

Om recalls hitting a lady with his car but assures Priyanka not to worry, but Priyanka remains worried if ACP finds the truth.

Anika makes preparations for ‘Karwa Chauth’ and slips as she was carrying a fruit basket. Shivaye finds her beautiful and holds her as she slips. He offers his help, but Anika refuses and while two exchange words Shivaye’s finger starts bleeding after getting pricked by the shred of the basket. He shouts for the Doctor, but Anika pulls out the shred and taunts him that now he will not feel any pain as all shreds of his life are gone.

Pinky and Jhanavi give Anika a gift for Karwa Chauth and asks her to be part of the celebrations even if she doesn’t keep the fast.

Rumi threatens Rudra to convert him to a dog if he doesn’t do Karwa Chauth fast for her.

Box with blood stains leaves Om shocked

Om opens the box and gets shocked as he finds blood stained leaves inside it. He drops the box and recalls the car accident. Shivaye asks Om why he left if he wanted to talk about something.

Shivaye talks to lawyer Lakhani about ACP 's visit to Oberoi Mansion.

Shivaye assures Om that things on Gayatri murder were in his control and as they had not done thing, so no tricks by ACP can harm Oberoi family howsoever.

ACP talks with Shinde that no fast or ‘pooja’ can save the murderer hiding in Oberoi family.

The murder mystery is steaming and so is the romance between Anika and Shivaye. So audience stay tuned to find out what will Anika do to save Shivaye next.

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