The popularity of "Ishqbaaz", the Indian drama television series is increasing day by day. The serial which is being aired on Star Plus has succeeded in impressing the family audiences in India, and as a result, its TRP is also on the higher side for the past couple of months.

Lalit Mohan is directing this television soap, and it showcases the story of three brothers, Omkara, Rudra, and Shivaay. Each of them has contrasting personalities, but what makes them unique is their pure heart and gem like mind.

The star cast in the serial includes Nakuul Mehta, Kunal Jaisingh, Linesh Mattoo, Surabi Chandna, Neha Lakshmi Iyer and Vrishika Mehata.

October 18th episoderewind

Shivaay gets Anika very close to him, and he elegantly utters "I" in her ears. In the next scene, we can see the three boys losing their senses after taking the tablet. We can see Om with Didi, and he says that she is looking very much beautiful. The statement from Om tickles Didi to the core and replies that she was not aware of the magical effect of this tablet.

Rudra spends his time with Soumya. Soumya carcases him well, and it touches Rudra to the core. Rudra says that Soumya is looking charming, Then, we can see Rudra calling Shivaaye, and both of them returns to their home.

Shivaaye goes out of his senses, and he tells that three days off will be granted for Diwali.

He also tells his employee that his salary has been doubled from today.

Shivaay and Anika in love with each other

Next, we can see Shivaay asking Anika about the unusual feeling which persists between them. Shivaay then sleeps on Anika's shoulders, and it literally shocks her.

After Shivaay fights with Anika's kidnappers and saves her, love blossoms between the two and all the time Shivaay is seen dreaming of Anika.

A romantic song is being played in the background with Anika and Shivaay seeing each other and romancing.

At this juncture, Anika tries her best to manage Shivaay, and soon she gets close to her.Finally, the episode ends up in a romantic mood.

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