“Ishqbaaz” aired on Star Plus at 10:00 PM is packed with full of entertainment and thrill with a new twist in each episode. The chapter telecasted on Saturday, October 15, 2016, was packed with some real action with Shivaye beating up the goons who try to kidnap Anika.

Oct 18, Monday episode

Monday's episode begins with Shivaay dreaming about Anika, and talking something to himself. The other members of the family wonder what is wrong with this guy.

When Shivaay was fighting with the goons to save Anika, even he got some punches, the wounds were visible on face.

Om and Rudra convince Shivaye to apologise to Anika and call her back in the Oberoi Mansion. However, Shivaye is still not sure if she will forget her insult at the Oberoi Mansion. Om tells that if Anika could have a heart big enough to stain herself for Shivaye despite being insulted, she will forgive him too. Shivaye decides to apologise to Anika and leaves in his car.

Bhua accuses Anika of indecent activities but Anika warns Bhua that she can’t take away her house by putting blames on her.

Goons trouble Anika, but she threatens them of calling Police.

Goons surround Anika and ask Bhua to give her away as ‘Prashad’ to them. Anika slaps one of the hoodlums, but the guys make her sit in auto forcibly. Bhua gets happy to own the house.

Shivaye comes to rescue Anika

Shivaye stops his car in front of the auto and punches the guy. Anika comes out of the auto and seeing her Shivaye starts thinking all the insult he did to Anika. Goons take advantage of the situation and beat Shivaye severely.

Shivaye comes back to his senses when Anika screams and beats all the guys. He gets hit in the head but Om and Rudra come, and all of them beat away the gangsters.

Anika throws water on Shivaye who in turn says sorry to her and both look at each other.

Jhanvi is worried as none of the boys could be reached on their phones, but Dadi remains hopeful that the boys will bring Anika.

The boys return home and seeing them wounded Pinky asks if Anika beat of all them.

Anika throws bua out of the house and promises to Sahil that she will never leave him. Anika puts medicine on her wounds and wonders for what reason did she save Shivaye when he is so different from his family and brothers.

Shivaye takes a massive painkiller which may take away the pain but will leave him a drunken state.

The audience, if you are also wondering like Jhanvi, if Shivaye will do some stupidity after taking the painkiller, then you must keep tuned to the show.

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