Saturday's episode of “Ishqbaaz” aired at 10:00 PM on Star Plus in India took a new twist as Anika comes to defend Shivaye facing charges of murdering Gayatri.

The episode began with Shivaye telling Ranveer that last night he was with Anika but not like Ranveer’s dirty mind may imagine. He wants to say something more, but Anika intervenes and tells that Shivaye wants to save her dignity, but she will accept that she was with Shivaye the entire last night.

Anika and Shivaay spend night together

Ranveer was enquiring from Shivaye about his presence last night when Anika came in and told everyone that Shivaye was with her at her friend’s home for whole last night.

Ranveer questions her why she met Shivaye if she was not his employee anymore and she was making the entire story to save her boss.

Anika tells all details about the time of their meeting and calls Madan Chacha who has a CCTV camera at his shop opposite the place where she and Shivaye were present the whole night. Ranveer checks the footage and finds Anika’s words to be true.

Anika tells that it‘s her friend Chanda’s house and they spent the entire night alone there. Ranveer cautions Anika that the story will go ahead and she will be defamed.

He asks Anika if she called her ex-boss as it was an agreement to get her job back. Shiavye shouts and Ranveer leaves.

The news gets aired, and Randhawa tells that this girl Anika saved her boss.

Bhua and neighbours gossip over this and Sahil fights with Bhua.

Bhua creates a scene when Anika returns and refuses to let her enter the house or meet Sahil.

A flashback shows that the call Shivaye got was from Anika as their phones had got exchanged and Gayatri was calling on Shivavye’s phone. Shivaye went to the place where Anika had called him, and both got locked inside the house.

Shivaay hears Gayatri shout as he is talking with Gayatri over the phone. He gets her location traced and leaves through the window of the house but returns to his home as he doesn’t find Gayatri at the old mill.

Shiva wonders what he will say to Anika now as Priyanka also tells the truth of her meeting with Dev and that Anika was not responsible for bringing Dev to Priyanka’s room.

So stay tuned to enjoy a new mystery in the serial along with sweet and silent romantic chemistry between Shivaye and Anika.

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