In the latest episode of “Ishqbaaz”, Shivaye finds the truth about Dev and refuses Chabbra’s marriage proposal for Priyanka.

Shivaye finds on the internet that Dev is not the legitimate son of Mr. Chabbra as he was not present in any of the old family pictures.

He finds more and thinks Shakti and Rudra’s words. Chabbra’s come for ‘Roka’ (Pre-Weddingceremony), but when they ask to do Roka, Shivaye stops everybody and says that Dev is not the legitimate son of Mr. Chabbra and his real mother is Geeta Chopra.

Priyanka likes Dev

Shivaye says if they had told the truth before, he would not have taken the matter so far. Chabbra says that you should consider Dev’s qualities and education and Priyanka will get all respect and love of a daughter in law in the family as after Dev’s mother died a year ago the family decided that Dev will become a part of the family and will have equal rights as Reyaan.

Shivaye doesn’t get convinced and tells them even if times have changed, but family values remain unchanged. Tej and Dadi back him, and they ask Chabbra’s to leave.

Dev insists that he will try to convince Shivaye that they would have told everything after Roka.

But Mr. Chabbra says that the talks are over now. Shivaye asks Soumya why she missed lunch and she tells that she was doing her college assignment.

Family members discuss on next course of action

Om tells Shivaye that they should consider the happiness of Priyanka and instead of complicating their lives with morals and values; they should let Priyanka decide for herself and her happiness.

Priyanka likes Dev and says Shivaye didn’t do right, Priyanka cried in her room and told Anika that Dev is not a bad guy and family hasn’t done the right thing with Dev’s family.

Anika tells Jhanvi that Priyanka really likes Dev but Shivaye says that she is a child and he will teach good things to Priyanka. Dev wishes to meet Priyanka to tell her everything, and so he calls Priyanka.

Meanwhile, the show crossed 100 episodes recently, and the star cast partied the whole night in Mumbai.

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