The makers of the show “Ishqbaaz”seem to bring Shivaye and Anikamore in the coming episodes as in earlier episodes the duo is shown having eye locks several times.

Yesterday's episode started with Shivaye talking on the phone and asking the person on another side to prepare papers for Saraswati Steels, and Anika gets her bracelet tangled with his shirt.

Chabbra’s come to see Priyanka and Mr. Chabbra greets Shiva, and Anika’s hand comes along. Mrs. Chabbra says that they make a beautiful couple and says that they should not hurry for babies.

Shivaay and Anika, not husband and wife:

Shivaye tells her that Anika is not his wife but only wedding planner. Tej introduces Chabbra to Shakti and Shakti informs that he knows him. Dev and Reyaan are sons of M Chabbra, and Reyaan has come to see Priyanka.

Soumya asks Priyanka to relax, and Anika overhears Priyanka telling that Soumya is the love angel on radio. Anika says that she will try to keep this secret and both ask Priyanka to take a deep breath as they take her out. Priyanka smiles as she sees Reyaan and Dev.

Anika asks Priyanka if the guy is cute but Soumya interrupts and tells that the guy is not cute at all, but he is a womanizer who treats girls like commodities.

He uses them, and when he is over with them, he just throws them away, just the way he did this to her when she and Dev Chabbra were in a relationship.

Here is a misunderstanding, as the boy who has come to see Priyanka, is Reyaan and not Dev.

But Anika has already conveyed the wrong information to Shivaye. Shivaye asks Reyaan directly about his past relationships and if he had ever cheated on any girl.

Reyaan smiles and asks Shivaye if everyone in the family was so straight forward. But Reyaan tells that he hasn’t done anything wrong with any girls and won’t ever do so.

Ishqbaaz team dandiapractice:

Shivaay and Anika will have good company now as the makers of the show are introducing four new entrants. Most probably there will be a love-triangle that will be introduced soon. Stay tuned for more updates on the show.

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